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I am converting my project to use DLLs and am trying to break apart my Singleton class to avoid using templates.

My class, LudoMemory, originally inherited from Singleton. I am trying to give it the functions to destroy and create itself now and have my main engine not rely on the Singleton.

I have written a simple destroy method like such:

LudoMemory *memory_Singleton = NULL;

    void LudoMemory::Destroy()

and upon running the program (no compiler errors) I recieve this error:

The procedure entry point ?Destroy@LudoMemory@@SAXXZ could not be located in the dynamic link library LudoCore.dll

LudoCore is the project that LudoMemory belongs to. Why is this happening? How can I solve it?

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you don't have multiple versions of ludocore.dll on your system, do you? Procedure entry points errors usually mean: you compiled your project against ludocore.lib version x, and when running the program, it uses ludocore.dll version y, and version y does not define LudoMemory::Destroy().

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Jacob's answer about multiple DLL versions seems likely.

Also, with some build systems, you must explicitly list which functions will be exported in a DLL.

Research your build environment, and see if you must provide a list of methods to be exported as an entry-point.

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