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Hello everyone I tried to create a Facebook and twitter like pagination. on current page I displayed 4 posts and when user scroll to the bottom of the page it suppose to display more 4 posts by sending Ajax request defined in a function "sowmore()" but the problem is it display all of the posts.

function getDocHeight() {
        var D = document;
        return Math.max(
        Math.max(D.body.scrollHeight, D.documentElement.scrollHeight),
        Math.max(D.body.offsetHeight, D.documentElement.offsetHeight),
        Math.max(D.body.clientHeight, D.documentElement.clientHeight)

    var index = 2;
    $(window).scroll(function(e) {
            var type = $("#type").val();
            var place = $("#place").val();
            var getDocheight = (getDocHeight()-619);
                if(($(window).scrollTop()+document.body.clientHeight) >= (getDocHeight()-619)){
                    sowmore(index, type, place);
                    in_process = false;
                    index = parseInt(index)+1;


nope there is no sql error see the thing is try to see the logic of this line ($(window).scrollTop()+document.body.clientHeight) >= (getDocHeight()-619) scroll top plus Clint height gets more then or equal to the document height it call the showmore() function. But when user is at the bottom the above condition get executed more then single time which leads to multiple calls to showmore() function and display all results so is there a way to stop this until the results are loaded completely.

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Where's the function that actually processes what results to show? It might be a sql error in your code behind WHERE clause. What's the definition for sowmore()? – TommyBs Apr 3 '13 at 14:10
sorry I explained more about my problem hope you will get it. – Abhimanue Tamang Apr 3 '13 at 14:28

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