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I'm coding a Rails project in a Windows environment and using Eclipse (with the Aptana plug-in) as my development environment.

I'm far enough along in my project now that I don't want to lose any of my work, and would like to start version controlling it.

What would you suggest I use? I've Googled and seen some responses for Git and TortoiseSVN, but I like the responses I usually get from the StackOverflow crowd. Anything that integrates well with Eclipse? Or are they all command line?

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There's plugin named Subclipse that provides SVN support for Eclipse.

There're several git plugins but I am not sure they are stable enough.

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With Mercurial, you get distributed version control, Eclipse plugin support, and TortoiseHg. Subversion was great back when everyone was just getting over CVS, but these days, the benefits of DVCS are too numerous to ignore. I personally prefer git to Mercurial, but git just isn't ready on the Windows environment. Hopefully Git# will fix that, but you have to wait for that.

Hopefully you're only developing in Windows and not deploying there? Rails and a Windows environment for production is a painful combination.

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