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I want to show routes between two geo coordinates in windows phone 8.

I tried a lot but was not able to succeed, I am able to get directions from my current location to a specific place using GeocodeQuery as below.

But what if i want to show route on map between just two geo coordinates, for example from 28.608554, 77.232922 to 28.630721, 77.220219?

        GeocodeQuery Mygeocodequery = new GeocodeQuery();
        Mygeocodequery.SearchTerm = "New Delhi, India";
        Mygeocodequery.GeoCoordinate = new GeoCoordinate(myGeoposition.Coordinate.Latitude, myGeoposition.Coordinate.Longitude);
        Mygeocodequery.QueryCompleted += Mygeocodequery_QueryCompleted;
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This might help you

Location services and Maps

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