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I want to get custom S.O. Invoice Template fields using QuickBooks QBFC.

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Here's how to read custom fields from a sales order:

  1. Add "0" to the OwnerIDList of the SalesOrderQuery.
  2. Read custom header fields from the DataExtRetList that is attached to SalesOrderRet objects that are returned from the query.
  3. Read custom line item fields from the DataExtRetList in the SalesOrderLineRet and SalesOrderLineGrouptRet objects that are included in each SalesOrderRet (if you're reading line items).

If you're already using the IncludeRetElementList, you must add DataExtRet to the list; if you're not then don't start using IncludeRetElementList until you have custom fields working. Just like any transaction query, you won't see any line item data unless you set the IncludeLineItems flag in the request.

Custom fields are well documented in the QuickBooks SDK Manual. I'd recommend you take a look at the section DataExt: Using Custom Fields and Private Data in the QBSDK Programmers Guide.

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