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Doing the heroku python demo and having problems with Procfile. I have it in the right directory (alongside requirements.txt, venv/, and app.py) and the file is "Procfile" without .txt extension (as other questions suggest).

Contents of Procfile are:

web: python app.py

Nonetheless, I keep getting the "Procfile does not exist" error when running "foreman start." At my wits end, any suggestions would be appreciated.

Cheers, Thain

EDIT: Retried creating "Procfile" using echo command rather than an editor -

echo "web: python app.py" > Procfile

worked after that, thanks.

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maybe close this then? –  catsby Apr 3 '13 at 19:38
this just worked for me as well after over an hour of trying to find an answer to this problem –  user1697845 May 20 '13 at 20:57
8 people have upvoted this question, implying there is a common issue of some sort. Maybe you could post an answer to your own question explaining what was different with your editor? If I create such a file with vim, it would be identical to the results of that echo command - so, what editor did you use, how did the saved file differ from the one that worked? Does your editor force Unicode, or add a file extension you didn't notice? –  Valdar Moridin Jul 5 at 9:47

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The problem is most likely an extension issue. For example, in Windows, a file saved in notepad has a .txt extension by default. However, when you echo it into a file, the file is saved with the right name, in this case: Procfile.

I'm writing this because someone I know had the same problem and this may help others having the same issue.

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Just adding an answer so that this can be closed (or moved from the unanswered questions section).

As noted in the comments, try using the echo command to create the file rather than an editor. I suspect that this is because of a newline char added by most editors that heroku is having a difficult time with.

Example solution (from qn):

echo "web: python app.py" > Procfile
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