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I am a newbie to IBMWorklight and dojo framework. I have developed a hydrid application supporting both orientation mode (Landscape and Portrait) . Currently I have ported the application on samsung galaxy tablet(10 inch) . When I rotate the device , the Orientation change is not smooth , it gives flicker effect . I have also added android:configChanges="orientation|screenSize"> in my AndroidManifest file, but it didn't work . Please suggest how to make the Orientation smooth?

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It is difficult to answer for sure without knowing the structure and code of your application, but one thing that you can easily try is to set mblHideAddressBar to false in data-dojo-config:

<script type="text/javascript"
data-dojo-config="isDebug: false, async: true, parseOnLoad: true, mblHideAddressBar: false"

(in your main HTML file)

It seems this is set to true by default in Worklight applications, but this is useless in Worklight apps and can impact performance on orientation changes.

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