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This is my datagrid snippet:

<DataGrid Margin="0,4,0,0" Grid.Row="2" CanUserSortColumns="True" x:Name="grvDocs" Sorting="grvDocs_Sorting" AutoGenerateColumns="False">
                <DataGridTemplateColumn Header="Efile ID" Width="100" SortMemberPath="d.DocumentID">
                            <TextBlock Text="{Binding DocumentID}"/>

This is C# code:

 private void grvDocs_Sorting(object sender, DataGridSortingEventArgs e)
        DataGridColumn column = e.Column;

        ListSortDirection direction = (column.SortDirection != ListSortDirection.Ascending) ? ListSortDirection.Ascending : ListSortDirection.Descending;
        //set the sort order on the column
        column.SortDirection = direction;
        e.Handled = true;

        BindDocuments(0, "LastStatusChangedDateTime", e.Column.SortDirection);


Yet when I check e.Column.SortDirection it is always Ascending. Any idea how to solve this issue? I feel more like WTF rather than WPF.

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I like your last sentence. :) – Farhad Jabiyev Apr 3 '13 at 15:19
@Farhad: thx :) – Jack Apr 3 '13 at 15:20
What do you mean by "do a e.ColumnSortDirection"? SortDirection is a property, what are you doing to it? The Sorting event lets you override the sorting behaviour--what are you doing to override this behaviour if you handling this event? – Peter Ritchie Apr 3 '13 at 15:23
Have you checked this:… – Farhad Jabiyev Apr 3 '13 at 15:23
yes but that problem looks different. My problem is no matter if I click the column 10 times, it always shows Ascending. – Jack Apr 3 '13 at 15:24

It seams that the SortMemberPath="d.DocumentID" should be SortMemberPath="DocumentID", due the binding is Text="{Binding DocumentID}". Also you can use a DataGridTextColumn and set the Binding property if you only want showing text, just a tip. Hope helps...

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This is not the problem. D.DocumentID is correct as I am passing this to my SQL which needs d in SQL query – Jack Apr 4 '13 at 4:10

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