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The transition from Blend 4 to Blend for Visual Studio is scaring me. I have installed the latest CTP for VS2012 Update 2 which includes WPF support for the built-in Blend (no longer using the Preview version). However, some features are plainly broken: Design-time resource resolution does not work anymore, and my project UserControls won't even load in the XAML designer. I think I've narrowed the problem down to my using import projects to set the OutputPath of my projects to a common location. Even so, the features and build feel very shaky and, what's worse, this all works in Blend 4! However, I would like to use .NET 4.5 features, which Blend 4 doesn't support natively.

This is turning into a rock/hard-place situation for WPF developers. I want 4.5, but I can't use the new version of Blend. Does anyone know of any good alternatives to Blend for VS for doing WPF design work in .NET 4.5?

So far, my alternatives are to use the Visual Studio 2012 Designer directly, but there is no direct support for Behaviours, design-time data generation, the designer canvas isn't up to snuff (seriously, the mouse scroll doesn't zoom the canvas... how dumb is that?) I could also try to mix and match, where my data processing is kept in one project, my control definitions in another, and have the controls target 4.0 so that I can use Blend 4. That's painful, but it might work. Finally, Microsoft has made it hard to flat-out buy Blend 4 if you don't already own it. I'd be interested to hear of a third-party option, though, paid or free.

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Voting to close as too localized. He's working with a pre-release CTP (not even a beta yet) and acting like it's the final replacement for a commercial product, so if anything this belongs as a specific report on Microsoft Connect. – Sam Harwell Apr 3 '13 at 15:29
This is a valid question: .NET 4.5 exists as a released version of the framwork, and yet no public Blend product supports it directly. I am asking for alternatives here. – cunningdave Apr 3 '13 at 15:43

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Here are a few, that I've played with

I liked Kaxaml best amongst the three.

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Thanks for the suggestions - I was hoping for something that has a bit more of the IDE capabilities of Blend, but alas. – cunningdave Apr 3 '13 at 19:25

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