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I am trying to research the difference between a 'unit' and a 'total' while tracking my sales in Itunes Connect. How do they differ from each other, what are they?

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Is how many apps you sold in that category (Free, Paid, iAP, Updates). Period. Nothing simpler.


Is the difference in how many apps you sold in the specified time period vs. the previous time period.

For example, if I have my time range set to one week, Total would display 1,567, the absolute number of apps I sold in that category for one week. Units, on the other hand, would display the number of apps I sold in the last seven days minus the number sold the previous week. So, if in the last 7 days I had sold 1,567 apps, and in the seven days before that I has sold 1,500 apps, Units would display +67.

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