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Is it possible to output a list of radio buttons in Freemarker using the Sping MVC JSP tag-Freemarker macros, based on the Enum type of a bound property? I gather this is possible using the <form:select> tag in JSP, but can it be done with radio buttons and in Freemarker?

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You can do this. The easiest thing to do is put an array of your enum values into your model:

model.put("myEnum", MyEnum.values());

In your FTL, you just iterate over those:

<#-- handy macro for this -->
<#macro enumSelect selectName enumValues>
    <select name="${selectName}">
        <#list enumValues as enum>
        <option value="${enum}">{$enum.description}</option>

<#-- calling the macro -->
<@enumSelect "myEnumSelectName" myEnum/>

This code assumes that MyEnum has a method called getDescription. You can do whatever you like to support the option text. You can also add to this macro so support a "selected" option, etc.

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