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Is there anyway to aggregate my report based on conditions? I have a report that lists all of the details of call center calls. There's a grouping on the report that separates the data by the representative who took the call. On the header of each representative grouping, I would like a series of aggregates: the # of calls he / she took (I used a simple count statement for this), the number of resolved calls, and the number of unresolved calls. There's a column in the details section that lists whether the call was resolved or not. The following is what I use to calculate total calls:


I am looking for something similar to the following pseudo code that will allow me to count the number of calls that were resolved and the number of calls that were unresolved

[Count(CALL_ID) WHERE call_status = 'resolved']

Is this possible in Report Builder?

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This should work - just use the following expressions in the Group Header:

Resolved calls:

=Sum(IIf(Fields!call_status.Value = "resolved", 1, 0))

And practically the same for unresolved calls:

=Sum(IIf(Fields!call_status.Value <> "resolved", 1, 0))
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