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i have search & try a lot of stuff on the web. But... i can´t find on detailt documentation or an example...

Maybe you have a link how helps me. Many links on paypal site are dead and the same on (developer section)

What would i like to do:

Iám programming an iphone app and also an android app. Payment with paypal - was the plan.

I need an "webview" where i can link to my webserver and there the visitor can login in with paypal an buy. So i don´t need to develop a new way each operation system...

Iám really happy if someone could help me. Thanks a lot!!!

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And what is your problem? Titanium provides a web view which can display remote pages. – mr.VVoo Apr 4 '13 at 10:23

There actually is a PayPal module for iOS & Android you can use out of the box.

When you download it, it will actually come with documentation & examples included.

You can find it here:

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