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I'm trying to use markdown to format a web page. Part of the web page has block quotes and code blocks. In some of the code blocks, the leading and trailing white space (empty lines) is important. I can't find much on this and can't figure out how to include the leading and trailing empty lines.

> empty_line
> empty_line
> Stuff Here
> empty_line
> empty_line

.. if that makes any sense.

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If you can use HTML tags, have you tried using the pre tags?

Stuff 1 here

Stuff 2 here

I use pre at very top with HTML tag brackets of course and closed that tag at the bottom. Using this tag retains the blank lines + creates a code block as you see.

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I have written another example of that over here. I did not put this link in the solution above as this link might not be permanent. –  kaushalmodi Apr 3 '13 at 19:29
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