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new to Xamarin / MonoTouch

I have a Universal storyboard App (ipad and iphone) I use storyboards

So I have linked a segue from the MainViewController to a secondaryViewController (educateViewController).

I do not use nor do I want to use a navigation controller (I'm able to do this in native iOS)

I'm struggling with PerformSegue call which results in

System.Exception: Selector invoked from objective-c on a managed object of type MyTestApp.educateViewController (0x9827E50) that has been GC'ed ---> System.Exception: No constructor found for MyTestApp.educateViewController::.ctor(System.IntPtr)

I have private educateViewController educateScreen;

and inside ViewDidLoad() educateScreen = new educateViewController();

partial void educate (MonoTouch.Foundation.NSObject sender)

            if (valid) {
                if (UserInterfaceIdiomIsPhone) {
                    this.PerformSegue("educate", this);  <<<< error occurs here
                } else if (UserInterfaceIdiomIsiPad) {
                    this.Instructor.Hidden = false;

Segue should only be called if it is on the iPhone

All help welcome, thanks in advance

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You need to make sure the EducateViewController implements the following constructor:

public EducateViewController (IntPtr handle) : base (handle)

That should allow the view controller to be instantiated from the Storyboard.

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