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I have an app build in PHP 5.4.9 running on IIS7 ( Windows 2008 ).

Users log in and are timed out after a variable amount of time requiring repeated log ins.

In IIS, I have set the following to 240 minutes to mitigate the problem, but I still have users timing out well before the threshold.

Application Pools  > Advanced Settings > Idle Time Out
Session State > Time Out

Is there anything else I can try.

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php sessions aren't integrated with IIS's as far as I know. check the php.ini settings (e.g. phpinfo(); will show them) and see how things are set there. –  Marc B Apr 3 '13 at 17:01
In the “Session” section of your php.ini change session.gc_maxlifetime to be 14400 (that's 240 minutes). –  Benny Hill Apr 3 '13 at 17:11
@BennyHill If you're still here - I've set this setting up to 86400, and I still experience PHP session timeouts within stupid 20 minutes. I wonder if it's a bug in PHP CGI of my particular version. –  Vesper May 22 at 6:38
@Vesper - I'm afraid I don't have any other suggestions. When it comes to web stuff I'm strictly a Linux/Apache guy... If I had to guess I'd say IIS is finding another ini file somewhere and not seeing your change to 86400. –  Benny Hill May 23 at 18:03
@BennyHill No, I've ran phpinfo() to get the ini file, and the result reflects my settings. I've found another setting that can cause timeouts, and turned that off, now under testing. –  Vesper May 24 at 8:11

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