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We have a system where our front end is either a Rich Client application or a web interface into the back end. We are working on adding context-sensitive help to our system, but we need to use the same base configuration files - i.e. the context-sensitive help files would need to be the same, and preferably use the same system. I was looking into JavaHelp, which seems to use xml/xhtml files for its formatting. Does anyone know if it is usable in a web-based application, or if you should only expect it to be usable in a rich client setting?


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JavaHelp can be used in server based applications, see here - section 5.7 Server−Based JavaHelp Helpsets (page 112)

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Thanks for that. I am having our web guys look at it to see if it integrates in with their current application design, or if we can integrate it in in some fashion. – aperkins Nov 4 '09 at 0:15

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