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I make use of the GData YouTube api to return lists of all the videos uploaded by a user. My query can return different results depending on which machine I run it from. For example:

$wget --header="X-GData-Client: XXXXX" --header="User-Agent: XXXXX YouTube-Java/1.0 GData-Java/1.41.5(gzip)" "http://gdata.youtube.com/feeds/api/videos?author=fosters&orderby=published&time=all_time&client=YYY&start-index=50&max-items=25" -q -O - | xmllint --format - | grep total

(where XXXXX is my api key, and YYY is a private identifier)

produces the result:


from certain locations, but from other locations:


The queries with the first result originate from machines located in the UK, the other result from machines located outside UK.

Is either of these numbers correct? How can I tell which one?

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Both is correct, it show the videos which was playable for machine's ip/country(by default if you didn't put restriction parameter). If you request


The result is 118, no matter where your machine located.

One more thing, &max-items= should change to &max-results=

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