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Can I know the exact difference between gridview and repeater in asp.net. Also if i am retrieving the value from database dynamically what option would be feasible if I want to edit a particular record from it. Please help me out as i am new to ASP.Net Thanks in advance...

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did you try searching on google? –  Csharp Apr 3 '13 at 18:01
Already asked stackoverflow.com/questions/7328134/… –  Ramesh Rajendran Apr 3 '13 at 18:15

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This may give some ideas about the different between repeater and gridview,
Repeater, ListView, DataList, DataGrid, GridView ... Which to choose?

You can use events like

  • YourGridViewID_RowEditing
  • YourGridViewID_RowUpdating
  • YourGridViewID_RowDataBound

and more to do things like edit/update/delete, etc with the value in a row.
You'll get many hits if you google these event names.

Repeaters also provide events like

  • YourRepeaterID_ItemDataBound

Hope this helps you start.

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The GridView : it supports paging but it doesn't provide a flexible layout , since its mainly used to display the data in a table based layout.And If we looked at data inserting , the Gridview doesn't have a built in support for inserting data( since it doesn't call the insert method of it underlying data source when you click on a button with a CommadName set to "Insert" ).

The Repeater control : you will find that it provides a flexible layout but it doesn't support data grouping ,inserting,deleting , updating and paging through the data .

The Repeater and GridView controls are used differently. A GridView control is used when you want to display a set of data in a table format. A Repeater is when you want to display data repeatedly, but not necessarily in a tabular format. If you want a table, use a GridView, otherwise use a Repeater. The speed of loading/updating is negligible between the two. It sounds like the GridView is what you are probably looking for.

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