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Simple use case: in a work item workflow, a field must be REQUIRED in TRANSITION="Active to Resolved" and READONLY when in State="Resolved".

Customization: For that field, I have set the rule REQUIRED in the Transition details, and the Rule READONLY in the State details.

Behavior: When I change the work item State from Active to Resolved (without saving) the field becomes REQUIRED and READONLY. I was expecting that field switched to READONLY only after saving the work item to Resolved and not during transition.

Question: WHY the rule READONLY is applied in the Transition? Is this the common behavior of the workflows?

I'm working on TFS 2010. To edit the work item template I'm using Team Explroer Power tools (Process Editor). Work Item behavior is tested from Team Explorer e team Web access.

Thanks in advance

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What version of TFS? And which UI are you using to edit the WI's (Web, VS)? –  Dylan Smith Apr 3 '13 at 18:42
@Dylan I've extended the question with the information you are asking for. –  Emiliano Poggi Apr 3 '13 at 19:39

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In this case the READONLY condition should have been evaluated only after saving but it won't. However you can wrap it within a WHENNOT condition (albeit not ideal solution as your filed must be filled before the state transition). e.g.:

<STATE value="Resolved">
    <FIELD refname="Your.Field">
      <WHENNOT field="Your.Field" value="">
        <READONLY />
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