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I can run the following via the address bar in Firefox just fine:"", "exportWindow");

When I print_r($_GET), I see the $_GET array with the values I specified in the URL. But when I do so in IE7, it just prints "null" on screen.


Turns out that was due to a popup blocker. However, the actual code that uses that snipped doesn't work--I get Array() in IE when print_r-ing:

  $Page->addJQuery('$("#pageForm div.export").click(function() { ' . $jQueryVars . '"' . $this->getUrl() . '"' . $jQueryParams . ', "exportWindow"); return false; });');
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IE is blocking the popup. The 'null' you see is the return value of the JavaScript call. Turn off the popup blocker and it should work.

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Okay, that works. The actual code that uses the snippet doesn't, though. Do you have any ideas on that? When I click the "button," I just get Array() when print_r-ing $_GET. Here is is: $Page->addJQuery('$("#pageForm div.export").click(function() { ' . $jQueryVars . '"' . $this->getUrl() . '"' . $jQueryParams . ', "exportWindow"); return false; });'); – Chad Johnson Oct 16 '09 at 19:22

Turns out that for SOME REASON I needed to use .live("click", function() rather than .click(function(). No idea why, as I use .change in several other places which works in IE...but it fixed the problem, nevertheless.

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It turned out that I needed to use jQuery's .live rather than .click.

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