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Where is the Database Properties window in Visio 2013? I see nowhere to set properties for an entity (keys and attributes). There's no official documentation from Microsoft that I can find.

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Please read the following Visio Blog. To me, it looks like many features have been deprecated in Visio 2013 - specially the ones related to SW & DB diagramming capabilities.

Since Viso 2013 does not fit my developer needs, I end up downgrading to Visio 2010. Hope this is helpful...

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@Francisco...My mind is completely blown at what I just read. I've already downgrade, but this is just mind-boggling that they would do such a thing. – Robert May 27 '13 at 20:00
Why would they remove one of the most commonly used features in Visio??? – Nicholas V. Feb 20 '15 at 19:01

The quickest I have found, so far, is to hover over the bottom right corner of the entity box for 2 seconds (give or take). Then a red line pops up, you click on that red line and it adds a new attribute. I'm not saying this is great, but it is the best I've found. I may be going back to 2010.

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You have to right click on the shape and select Data and other properties.

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