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Follow up to Pig: Force UDF to occur in Reducer or set number of mappers . I have a UDF that's running as a map step in my pig workflow. It takes a list of X files, 1 per each reducer that saved it from a prior step. I want there to be X mappers (1 per input file) to run this UDF because it's very time consuming so Pig isn't running it as parallel as I want. Based on Hadoop streaming: single file or multi file per map. Don't Split I figured the solution was to prevent splitting so I made a pig Load Func like.

public class ForceMapperPerInputFile extends PigStorage {
    public InputFormat getInputFormat() {
        return new MapperPerFileInputFormat();
class MapperPerFileInputFormat extends PigTextInputFormat {
    protected boolean isSplitable(JobContext context, Path file) {
       return false;

When I used this it has the exact opposite effect of what I wanted, the number of mapper tasks decreased by nearly half.

How can I actually force exactly one mapper per input file?

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SET pig.noSplitCombination true;

(or -Dpig.noSplitCombination=true as one of the command-line options when running the script)

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Apparently my input files were sufficiently skewed that this made things worse, but thanks this did force one mapper per input file. – Manny Apr 5 '13 at 20:39
Doesn't this result in one mapper per block though? For files larger than the block size, you'd still get more than 1 mapper right? How would I go about this if my files are for instance 5GB and I want to force them into one mapper? And I don't want to set the maxCombinedSplitSize to an arbitrary number... – Pieter-Jan Mar 25 '14 at 15:45

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