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I'm having issues while trying to get videos from certain user.

Situations while trying to retrieve videos from edransgosocial

how: getting: 7 instead of all 9 videos


getting: I double checked this: only one video has the webinar tag, but 5 videos appears in the response


getting: similar, there are two videos with the screencast tag but only one is being retrieved


getting: 25 videos! there are only 9 belonging to that user!

I'm trying also with but I always get the same results, this means that my queries are fine (or at least the ones in the demo page are as wrong as mines). My final goal is to retrieve all videos from edransgosocial with the webinar and screencast tag. There should be only 3 videos.

Any help?

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This is due to an ongoing issue with the API, and those queries should normally work as you'd expect.

Please see

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Well, I guess this is the correct answer. +1 – martriay Apr 4 '13 at 22:15
Still bugged? I think so... – hugofcampos Nov 25 '13 at 18:05

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