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I am trying to access a shared folder on the server. I have tried this below code in html page and it works fine and open up that folder

<a href="/////..../admin/ReleaseNotes/FY13/"> link </a>

when click on this the address I see on the browser is something like


But when I try the same link in my jsp page I am having problem. This is something what I see on the browser address bar the url starts as http:// instead of file://

I dont know what its file:/// on html and http:// in jsp.

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If you open a file from the file system of a computer it open up in the browser through the file protocol (in plain words you are simply opening the file), while if you load it through a server (or a tomcat) you make a request to said server through the http protocol. Hence the difference in your browser address bar.

Further, the file and http protocols have different restrictions, so there are a number of things that will work in one and not in the other.

In your particular case, a page opened through the file protocol is allowed to access files anywhere on the hosting file system (possibly subject to file access restrictions), while by accessing it through a server (http protocol) you can only access files that the server itself exposes - usually the file tree starting at the document root for a web server or the one starting at the web application root for a servlet container (i.e. tomcat).

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Can you let me know the solution for this –  user1908522 Apr 4 '13 at 19:09

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