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I am running a Jenkins instance hosted by Cloudbees. I installed the Jenkins EnvInject plugin and I added a Pre-Build step. I added a variable under "Properties Content":


The CERT_HOME path and actual certificates are under the WebDAV directory that Cloudbees provides.

In a JUnit test, I try to access the environment variable like this:

private static final String CERT_HOME = System.getenv("CERT_HOME");

However, it returns null.

Under the build, I do see the environment variable:


How do I read an environment variable in my JUnit test that I set using the EnvInject plugin?

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Maven surefire tries to give you a clean environment within the forked process, have a look at using environmentVariables with ${env.CERT_HOME} to try passing it through

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Thanks for the reply. My env vars were global to all builds so I went to Manage Jenkins -> Configure System and set my env var there. However, the approach you outline works for more granular support. –  Yogesh Chawla Apr 4 '13 at 4:35

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