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I need a way to draw to the display screen directly in Windows. The things the program needs to draw are very simple shapes and some text.

I want to develop a program that works similarly to Xfire. Namely that it can draw on top of a full-screen application. So for example I want to create a program that runs in the background all the time, and displays system time in the lower right corner even when a full-screen application is running (Game, film, etc..). My program also has to react on events like pushing a button combination (for example ctrl+alt+1).

My program must not capture mouse events. So if it draws a circle and there is a button for a foreign application under it, the foreign application's button should recognize the click.

How is this possible in Windows?

I want to implement this program in one of the following languages: C++, C#, Java

I would be grateful for some APIs/tutorials that can help me implement this.

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My rudimentary, personal XP (without ability to change things) time+date thing that does that looks pretty bad in fullscreen applications. Just saying. –  chris Apr 3 '13 at 21:07

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Have look here it might help you to archieve what you want:

How to effectively draw on desktop in C#?

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