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I am writing an application to control a Modem via USB Virtual COM port on Win7, WinXP, MAC OS X and Linux (command line) and I use as USB to serial converter (aka Virtual COM Port) a Freescale Kinetis K40 MCU. The firmware inside is using the CDC Class 02 declaration.

I can successfully run the Virtual COM port using the CDC Class on Win7 64Bit PC. There are some little communication problems related to buffers but I it's basically working. I connected the TX and the RX to an internal UART of the MCU and all works.

The problem raises when I try to use the Virtual COM port on MAC OS X. The device is recognized as "tty.usbmodemxxx" when I try to send/receive any byte it the ZTerm (used for testing purposes) returns me that the USB Port is busy/not available. I used my own tool and the FileDescriptor returns always -1 so it is not possible to access to it.

Then I tried to access to the device from the terminal using the "cat /dev/tty.usbmodemxxx" and also the "screen /dev/tty.usbmodemxxx" both are returning me Resource Busy.

If I use a FTDI USB to Serial Converter it all works fine ZTerm and my own application.

Again the tty.usbmodem device is recognized but the PORT is always busy/not available while the same code ran in stand alone on my proto board is working on Win7.

I have digged a bit more googling on the net and many user have problems with CDC Drivers on MAC OS X but the majoriry of them are claiming that their device is not connecting while mine is "Resource Busy"!

I tried to use the USB Prober from MACOSX logging at level 7 but there are tons of alerts in a sec so it becomes a bit hard to distinguish mines even if I am filtering.

Descriptors seems corret as 2 Devices are created CDC and CDC data but the device is permanently busy and every 2/3 secs there is a handleOpen from the OS that appearls to me like a polling on my device and I have the same behavior also with FTDI Chip so it cannot be it.

My suspect is that maybe the firmware inside the MCU is returning a Busy state to the OS but this seems not to be the case because on Win7 with CDC drivers all is working fine.

Anybody knows eventually how to understand why the device is busy, like is my device returning a false state or maybe the is a deamon took control of my device not releasing it!?**

Any help will be so appreciated!


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