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Added a default_scope to Spree::Product to sort the main page of a spree site, scope is default_scope :include => :product_taxons, :order => "spree_product_taxons.position". This sorts it, but then when I try to update a product I'm getting the following error

ActiveRecord::StatementInvalid: Mysql2::Error: Unknown column 'spree_product_taxons.position' in 'order clause': UPDATE `spree_products` SET `count_on_hand` = 100 WHERE `spree_products`.`id` = 108 ORDER BY spree_product_taxons.position`

First off, why is it trying to Order a update? and well, the field does exist

=> Spree::ProductTaxon(id: integer, created_at: datetime, updated_at: datetime, product_id: integer, taxon_id: integer, position: integer)
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The field Exists in spree_products_taxons, but not in spree_products, hence the error. The spree_products_taxons include doesn't come into it in the update.

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