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I created a button (dijit/form/DropDownButton) that when clicked displays a dropdown menu (Dijit/DropDownMenu) of items (dijit/MenuItems). I'm trying to manlipuate the MenuItems after the control is created. I can get the MenuItems from the DropDownMenu by using the getChildren() function; however, can't get the MenuItem object out of the returned array/object.

require(["dojo/ready"], function (ready) {
   ready(function () {
      var menu = dijit.byId("drpMenu");
      var menuChildern = menu.getChildren();


How do I parse the getChildren() array, to get the individual MenuItems?

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Are you trying to manipulate a specific MenuItem or all of them? What is wrong with doing something like menuChildren.forEach(function(menuItem){ // Process MenuItems })? – Default Apr 4 '13 at 0:45

You need to access the array using menuChildern[i] or like user Default posted it. If you need to look at the structure of a javascript element do a


with firebug&firefox and keep the console open so you can browse the structure.

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