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I followed the answer from Debugging in openerp 7.0 And everything is working right, except for the break points, eclipse never stops at them. I even added a print line and made a break point on it (right click "add break point"), and it is shown in the console but the break point just did not work.

What am I missing something?

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Did you start openerp-server with "Debug As->Python Run" option?

Might be you are runing openerp-server with "Run As->Python Run" that is why execution does not stop at given break point.

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Now It's working. I'm kind off clueless, I was pretty sure I clicked on debug as... Thank you very much hehe – Felipe Apr 4 '13 at 14:57

rename your openerp-server file to then follow the Arya's steps :-)

in my PC its work perfectly with that configuration.

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