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I have:

ActiveAdmin.register User do
  show :title => :name do     
    attributes_table do
      row :username
      row :email
      row :last_request_at
      row :foo

and I want foo just make a <a href="/foo">foo</a> in the view.

So I define:

def foo
  <a href="/foo">foo</a>

in the user.rb model. And it displays but the tag is escaped so it's not clickable. Is there a simple way to do this?

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You can try:

row :foo do

and replace '#' with your route.

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if you are working with a has many you can loop through the list as well, important is not too forget the .html_safe

row "Bars" do |foo| do |bar|
    link_to(bar.title, admin_bar_path(bar)) 
  end.join(', ').html_safe
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= link_to 'List Users', admin_users_path in your view should work. Check that your ActiveAdmin namespace is actually admin using ActiveAdmin.application.default_namespace.to_s (in the console) though.

Hope that helps someone.

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