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In TurboPascal I can set a pixel on the display by using:

Plot (x, y, colour)

What is the equivalent in Python? How do I set or unset individual pixels in Python?

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This is way too broad. Are you using a gui framework? –  tcaswell Apr 4 '13 at 1:26
If you're interested in producing a plot instead of modifying the actual screen, you might look into the matplotlib module. Here's a simple tutorial. –  fgb Apr 4 '13 at 1:41

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There are several helpful libraries in python that will help you. I would say PyGame or Pyglet are both decent options for drawing. Pyglet is wrapper to Opengl in python, but it will let you control pixels. If you're just trying to do a crude pixel set without any other drawing functionality the python Imaging library allows you to do it like this:

pixels = img.load() # create the pixel map

for i in range(img.size[0]):    # for every pixel:
    for j in range(img.size[1]):
        pixels[i,j] = (i, j, 100) # set the colour accordingly
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