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While researching the subject I found a few libraries that may be helpful in this:

  1. Objective-zip

  2. ZipArchive

  3. SSZipArchive

There's probably more?!

All I need is to zip NSData created from an NSString; either encrypt it or password protect it and then send via the email.

Any known issues with any of these libraries? Is there a rule of thumb as to using one over another? So far I am leaning towards the Objective-zip, but I don't have much experience in that area.


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Just to document the solution here.

I ended up using both ZipArchive and Objective-zip as they kinda compliment each other with different functionality. I am using password protection of Objective-zip library, and appending NSData into the created zip file of ZipArchive library.

Including both does seem a little redundant, but seem to work fine.

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I'v been struggling with this ymotov. Can you please post some sample code here... –  A for Alpha Jun 17 '14 at 6:50

Objective-Zip seems to be the one you want. ZipArchive is outdated and not maintained. SSZipArchive doesn't have support for creating password-protected zip files.

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