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I have:

class Node {
   int* vec;
   Node* next;

Class LinkedList{
   Node* head;

I made a function that found the node that I want to delete:

Node* tmp = find("abc");

I ordered the pointers and I debug it and everything is OK.

now I have to delete the tmp, so I tried:

delete[] tmp->vec;
delete tmp; // here I get an error window.



class Show_Time
    string movieCode;
    string movieName;
    string time; //the time of screening the movie.

class Time_LinkedList
    class Time_Node
        Show_Time* data;
        Time_Node* prev;
        Time_Node* next;
        Time_Node(string movie_code, string movie_name, string time_of_movie); //"Time_Node" constructor
        ~Time_Node();//"Time_Node" destructor
    Time_Node* head; //pointer to the first node in the linkedlist

void Time_LinkedList::delete_TimeNode(string movieCode, string time)
    Time_Node* tmp = find_Time_Node(movieCode,time);

    // the case that there is one element in the list
    if (tmp->prev == NULL && tmp->next == NULL)
        head = NULL;

    // the case that it's the first element of the list
    else if (tmp->prev == NULL)
        head = tmp->next;
        tmp->next->prev = head;        

    // the case that it's the last element of the list
    else if (tmp->next == NULL)
        tmp->prev->next = NULL;

    // there are element in the left and right of the element
        tmp->prev->next = tmp->next;
        tmp->next->prev = tmp->prev;

    // delete the temp and its data
    delete tmp->data;
    delete tmp;
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Can you show us the code where you allocate vec –  Shafik Yaghmour Apr 4 '13 at 2:32
There can be plenty of reasons. You're going to need to show us some more code ! –  Nbr44 Apr 4 '13 at 2:37
ok, I'm updating my topic for the real code. thank you. –  Alon Shmiel Apr 4 '13 at 2:39
@AlonShmiel Ok, I see the update but there is code missing where is the constructor and destructor? Is the destructor doing delete data? –  Shafik Yaghmour Apr 4 '13 at 2:48
yes: Time_LinkedList::Time_Node::~Time_Node() { delete data; } –  Alon Shmiel Apr 4 '13 at 2:54

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So according to your response your issue is that you are doing a double delete which is undefined behavior. You should remove the delete data from Time_LinkedList::delete_TimeNode and let the destructor do it's job.

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