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How can i execute a stored procedure in another stored procedure in SQL server? How will I pass the parameters of the second procedure.?

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Are you planning to do this in C# or as a StoredProc on the Server itself? – MethodMan Apr 4 '13 at 4:27
use the exec keyword. – Matthew Apr 4 '13 at 4:27
I need to execute in Server itself – Roys Apr 4 '13 at 6:34
Possible duplicate of ...… – SteveC Sep 4 '13 at 8:08

If you only want to perform some specific operations by your second SP and do not require values back from the SP then simply do:

Exec secondSPName  @anyparams

Else, if you need values returned by your second SP inside your first one, then create a temporary table variable with equal numbers of columns and with same definition of column return by second SP. Then you can get these values in first SP as:

Insert into @tep_table
Exec secondSPName @anyparams


To pass parameter to second sp, do this:

Declare @id ID_Column_datatype 
Set @id=(Select id from table_1 Where yourconditions)

Exec secondSPName @id

Update 2:

Suppose your second sp returns Id and Name where type of id is int and name is of varchar(64) type.

now, if you want to select these values in first sp then create a temporary table variable and insert values into it:

Declare @tep_table table
  Id int,
  Name varchar(64)
Insert into @tep_table
Exec secondSP

Select * From @tep_table

This will return you the values returned by second SP.

Hope, this clear all your doubts.

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tanx.. ya i need values returned by second sp inside the first one. bt the parameter which i need to pass is an output of first procedure. is it possible.? Pls see this example. SP1 Select id from table_1. is it possible to pass this id as the parameter of the second procedure.? – Roys Apr 4 '13 at 6:46
Yes this is posible but first you need to store this id into a variable and then pass the same to second sp. See updated answer. – Ken Clark Apr 4 '13 at 7:03
The above steps worked.tanx. How can i get the output value of second Sp from the first one..? – Roys Apr 4 '13 at 9:14
This is already answered. anyway, see updated answer again for more explaination. – Ken Clark Apr 4 '13 at 9:36

Suppose you have one stored procedure like this

First stored procedure:

Create  PROCEDURE LoginId
     @UserName nvarchar(200),
     @Password nvarchar(200)
    DECLARE  @loginID  int

    SELECT @loginID = LoginId 
    FROM UserLogin 
    WHERE UserName = @UserName AND Password = @Password

    return @loginID

Now you want to call this procedure from another stored procedure like as below

Second stored procedure

Create  PROCEDURE Emprecord
         @UserName nvarchar(200),
         @Password nvarchar(200),
         @Email nvarchar(200),
         @IsAdmin bit,
         @EmpName nvarchar(200),
         @EmpLastName nvarchar(200),
         @EmpAddress nvarchar(200),
         @EmpContactNo nvarchar(150),
         @EmpCompanyName nvarchar(200)

        INSERT INTO UserLogin VALUES(@UserName,@Password,@Email,@IsAdmin)

        DECLARE @EmpLoginid int

        **exec @EmpLoginid= LoginId @UserName,@Password**

        INSERT INTO tblEmployee VALUES(@EmpName,@EmpLastName,@EmpAddress,@EmpContactNo,@EmpCompanyName,@EmpLoginid)

As you seen above, we can call one stored procedure from another

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Yes, you can do that like this:


   INSERT @Results

   EXEC Procedure2 [parameters];
   SET @total 1;

SELECT @total
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You can call User-defined Functions in a stored procedure alternately

this may solve your problem to call stored procedure

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Your sp_test: Return fullname


IF (OBJECT_ID('[dbo].[sp_test]', 'P') IS NOT NULL)
DROP PROCEDURE [dbo].sp_test;

CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].sp_test 
@name VARCHAR(20),
@last_name VARCHAR(30),
@full_name VARCHAR(50) OUTPUT

SET @full_name = @name + @last_name;


In your sp_main

DECLARE @my_name VARCHAR(20);
DECLARE @my_last_name VARCHAR(30);
DECLARE @my_full_name VARCHAR(50);

EXEC sp_test @my_name, @my_last_name, @my_full_name OUTPUT;
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Yes , Its easy to way we call the function inside the store procedure.

for eg. create user define Age function and use in select query.

select dbo.GetRegAge(R.DateOfBirth, r.RegistrationDate) as Age,R.DateOfBirth,r.RegistrationDate from T_Registration R

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