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I am learning about windows services and i successfully installed it using the msi installer now when i make changes to the onstart() method and build the project i also changed the version number in the properties window of the setup project when i install the service once again it says that the service is already installed.

if is use the installutil to uninstall the service and then when i double click on the setup it installs properly. how can i make the setup project unistall the previous version of the service and install the new one?

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You may want to take a look at MSI installers: How to create a setup project for a Windows Service application in Visual C#


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I have already done all this but my issues is simple i have made some changes to the windows service and then i re compile change the version property of the setup project and then i build now the installation works fine until the point where it says 1001 : Specified service already exist if i uninstall the service from the command prompt using installutil -u the setup works fine i just want the setup to unistall the previous service and install the new one this is not happening can you please help me with it?? – Vishweshwar Kapse Apr 4 '13 at 6:56

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