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My android app should be run on an akai android device having display in a T.V. I am running my app as a launcher perfectly, when I am on the t.v it is displaying the t.v company name, akai company name then only my app is running.

I want my app should run immediately when the device is on without displaying t.v company or akai smartbox company or what ever.

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I'm pretty sure, that you cannot make change to a device's boot animations without rooting it, although you can run your app on device boot, by adding the onbootcompleted permission in your manifest. –  Aalok Sharma Apr 4 '13 at 5:02

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The graphics you are talking about are most probably displayed by the bootloader and android kernel, so they happen much before your application even has the opportunity to run.

You should create your own firmware for the device in order to change them.

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