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I am trying to fit a Google Maps View and a ListView into one activity. The MapsView shall take 2/3 of the upper side, and the list 1/3 of the lower side (in portrait).

in this way assume it as portrait: enter image description here

Both, the MapsView and the ListView, will receive the same JSON information, they will get onCreate(). I was already able to fit the MapsView on 2/3 of the screen, but the ListView wont receive any data. Can someone tell me, how to adress a ListView correct, when the superclass isnt ListActivity?

here is my code:

// url to make request
    private static String url = ""; //here pass the url

 // JSON Node names
    private static final String TAG_LOCATION = "location";
    private static final String TAG_LOCATION1= "location";
    private static final String TAG_LOCATION_ID = "LocationID";
    private static final String TAG_NAME = "Name";
    private static final String TAG_PHONE = "Phone";
    private static final String TAG_FORMATTED_PHONE = "FormattedPhone";
    private static final String TAG_ADDRESS = "Address";
    private static final String TAG_CROSS_STREET = "CrossStreet";
    private static final String TAG_LAT = "Lat";
    private static final String TAG_LNG = "Lng";
    private static final String TAG_DISTANCE= "Distance";
    private static final String TAG_POSTAL_CODE = "PostalCode";
    private static final String TAG_CITY = "City";
    private static final String TAG_STATE = "State";
    private static final String TAG_COUNTRY= "Country";

 // contacts JSONArray
    JSONArray location = null;
    JSONObject location1=null;

    ListView locationList;
    private MapView mapView;
    LocationManager lm;
    LocationListener locationListener;
    MapController mapController;

    private ListAdapter adapter;

    private static final double lat = 11.9333;
    private static final double lng = 108.417;

    public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {


        locationList=( ListView)findViewById(;

        // Hashmap for ListView
        ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> locationList = new ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>();

     // Creating JSON Parser instance
        JSONParser jParser = new JSONParser();

     // getting JSON string from URL
        JSONObject json = jParser.getJSONFromUrl(url);

        try {
         // Getting Array of Category

        //looping through all categories
        for(int i = 0; i < location.length(); i++){
            JSONObject c = location.getJSONObject(i);
            JSONObject c1=c.getJSONObject(TAG_LOCATION1);

            // Storing each json item in variable
                String LocationID = c1.getString(TAG_LOCATION_ID);
                String Name = c1.getString(TAG_NAME);
                String Phone = c1.getString(TAG_PHONE);
                String FormattedPhone = c1.getString(TAG_FORMATTED_PHONE);
                String Address = c1.getString(TAG_ADDRESS);
                String CrossStreet = c1.getString(TAG_CROSS_STREET);
                String Lat = c1.getString(TAG_LAT);
                String Lng = c1.getString(TAG_LNG);
                String Distance = c1.getString(TAG_DISTANCE);
                String PostalCode = c1.getString(TAG_POSTAL_CODE);
                String City = c1.getString(TAG_CITY);
                String State = c1.getString(TAG_STATE);
                String Country = c1.getString(TAG_COUNTRY);

            // creating new HashMap
               HashMap<String, String> map = new HashMap<String, String>();

            // adding each child node to HashMap key => value
               map.put(TAG_LOCATION_ID, LocationID);
               map.put(TAG_NAME, Name);
               map.put(TAG_PHONE, Phone);
               map.put(TAG_FORMATTED_PHONE, FormattedPhone);
               map.put(TAG_ADDRESS, Address);
               map.put(TAG_CROSS_STREET, CrossStreet);
               map.put(TAG_LAT, Lat);
               map.put(TAG_LNG, Lng);
               map.put(TAG_DISTANCE, Distance); 
               map.put(TAG_POSTAL_CODE, PostalCode);
               map.put(TAG_CITY, City);
               map.put(TAG_STATE, State);
               map.put(TAG_COUNTRY, Country);

               // adding HashList to ArrayList
        } catch (Exception e) {
            // TODO: handle exception
         * Updating parsed JSON data into ListView
         * */

        adapter = new SimpleAdapter(this, locationList,
                new String[] { TAG_NAME }, new int[] {

        mapView = (MapView) findViewById(;

        List mapOverlays = mapView.getOverlays();
        Drawable drawable = this.getResources().getDrawable(
        CustomItemizedOverlay itemizedOverlay = new CustomItemizedOverlay(
                drawable, this);

        GeoPoint point = new GeoPoint((int) (lat * 1E6), (int) (lng * 1E6));
        OverlayItem overlayitem = new OverlayItem(point, "Hello",
                "I'm in Athens, Greece!");


        mapController = mapView.getController();


        locationListener= new MylocationListener();
        lm.requestLocationUpdates(LocationManager.GPS_PROVIDER, 0, 0, locationListener);

    public class MylocationListener implements LocationListener{

        public void onLocationChanged(Location loc) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                Toast.makeText(getBaseContext(), "Location Changed : Lat:" +loc.getLatitude() + "Lng: " + loc.getLongitude(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show();
            GeoPoint point = new GeoPoint((int) (lat * 1E6), (int) (lng * 1E6));

        public void onProviderDisabled(String provider) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub


        public void onProviderEnabled(String provider) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub


        public void onStatusChanged(String provider, int status, Bundle extras) {
            // TODO Auto-generated method stub



    protected boolean isRouteDisplayed() {
        // TODO Auto-generated method stub
        return false;

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Did you create your own adapter? Because it doesn't know how to handle your custom class.. – JoxTraex Apr 4 '13 at 5:51
This question is near by this question. If yes then see this answer – Gunaseelan Apr 4 '13 at 5:53
No, whole code is front of you ,you give the solution to do this. – user2092132 Apr 4 '13 at 6:09

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You have to create the adapter BEFORE setting it as the adapter of the ListView. Also, you have two variables named LocationList, which is generally bad practice. Try:

public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
     // Hashmap for ListView
    ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>> listOfLocations = new ArrayList<HashMap<String, String>>();

    ... // existing code here

    adapter = new SimpleAdapter(this, listOfLocations,
        new String[] { TAG_NAME }, new int[] {
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but when i give this locationList.setAdapter(adapter); its shows add cast to locationList then wat i do next @tushar??? – user2092132 Apr 4 '13 at 6:23
Can you post the full error here @user2092132? Also, make sure you followed my recommendation and changed the ArrayList to a different name than the ListView. – Tushar Apr 4 '13 at 6:25
Description Resource Path Location Type The method setAdapter(ListAdapter) is undefined for the type ArrayList<HashMap<String,String> this error come. – user2092132 Apr 4 '13 at 6:29
I told you to rename the ArrayList. I even gave you a way to do it in the above code. Unless you do that, it's not going to work, and I'm not going to waste my time helping you. – Tushar Apr 4 '13 at 6:31
actualy i am quite nwe in android so i have to problem to understand it. anyway thanks for giving me a suggestion. – user2092132 Apr 4 '13 at 6:36

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