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When I open a URL that point to a post which is not published yet, wordpress shows a 404 page. But I want to show a meaningfull message to user that "your post is not published by admin, please contact admin to get it published"

How can I do this?

Edit: Is their any way i can get wordpress to run my single.php template instead of 404 template in my case?

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I am not sure, just a hint add script kinda like this to single.php:

if($post['post_status'] == "publish"){
   //do something
}else {
   // it's not published (i.e. draft or other) so do nothing 

just do print_r($post) and it will show the full array with keys and values.

good luck !

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but the problem is wordpress don't executes single.php but 404.php – Ankit Apr 4 '13 at 6:56

make url of the unpublished posts something like this. And put charlie if else condition in single.php but remember user have to be logged in to see the preview of the post

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thanks for coming with an option. But this will not work for me because I can't force user to logged in. Basically I would like wordpess to treat my published and unpublised posts same way. – Ankit Apr 4 '13 at 7:18

You can Show unpublished posts, instead of 404 page template by using the_posts filter.

For more information visit this page.

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