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I'm getting a module import error.

My main file is /home/mininet/pythonscripts/ Main file program

and my module file is /home/mininet/test/ module file program

The error I'm getting is:

File "", line 7, in <module> from test.hello import sqr,print_func 
ImportError: No module named hello

i also added the file in the module search path..please help!!

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In order to import /home/mininet/test/ as test.hello, you have to fulfill two requirements:

  1. /home/mininet/test/ must exist to mark test as a package.
  2. /home/mininet must be on sys.path so that Python finds test/ when looking for test.hello.

Note that having /home/mininet/test on sys.path lets you import hello, but not import test.hello.

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Thanks it works.But do we have to do it everytime i.e. add sys.path.insert() code in all our module dependent codes(if the module resides in another directory)'s quite cumbersome.any other option –  animesh Apr 4 '13 at 7:28
The script's path is always on sys.path, as is the standard library. So, one option is to have your script in the same directory as the package (e.g. in /home/mininet, or move test to /home/mininet/pythonscripts). Alternatively, you can use .pth files to add certain directories to sys.path automatically on startup. –  nneonneo Apr 4 '13 at 7:30

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