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I could not found any good web source for DirectX. It must be simple, but could not find how to change a simple button's font size. So I have to guess like below, but not works;

CDXUTDialog g_SampleUI;

g_SampleUI.AddButton( IDC_BUTTON_X2_Y2, L"8", (iX + (2*len)), iY, len, len );
g_SampleUI.SetFont( IDC_BUTTON_X2_Y2, L"Arial", 32, FW_BOLD  );

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The CDXUTDialog::SetFont method does not take an ID as its first argument like you seem to assume.

Setting the button's font this way would make more sense (untested):

g_SampleUI.SetFont(1, L"Arial", 32, FW_BOLD);
CDXUTButton *button = g_SampleUI.GetButton(IDC_BUTTON_X2_Y2);
CDXUTElement *elem = button->GetElement(1);  // ..or perhaps GetElement(0)
elem->SetFont(1); // Set the font for this element to font 1 that we created on
                  // the first line
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