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Windows 7 and Python v2.7.3

With this module "test.py":

print 'name: ' , __name__
print 'file: ' , __file__

I can go to CMD and type: python test.py

The result would be:

name: __main__
file: test.py

But if I open the file with IDLE and press F5 to run the program I'll get a NameError telling me __file__ is not defined.

What steps does IDLE go through to run a .py module, and how is it different from running modules directly from command line?

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That's a bug, which has apparently (I don't use IDLE) now been fixed - the discussion of the bug at that link has some explanation of what IDLE actually does to run your code.

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Thanks both for the answer and the nice editing there. – Damin Apr 12 '13 at 20:59

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