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i have integrated the MFSideMenu in to ios app.

At the first view . i need to keep open the side bar, so i implemented


in to the viewDidLoad of that class. but there is a issue,

It has been applied to the next view. automatically the sidemenu will open.

But i have called the [self.sideMenu setMenuState:MFSideMenuStateClosed]; to close the side menu

How can i stop this feature.??

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I'm pretty sure that MFSideMenu doesn't actually add the menus to the navigation controller until the navigation controller's viewDidAppear method is called.

Try putting this in your view controller's viewDidAppear method

    dispatch_async(dispatch_get_main_queue(), ^{
        [self.navigationController.sideMenu setMenuState:MFSideMenuStateLeftMenuOpen];

Also, you can use the sideMenu's toggleLeftSideMenu method.

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it will work for sure

[self.menuContainerViewController toggleLeftSideMenuCompletion:^{}];
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