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I have included code below that I'm using with Tweepy, a Twitter API library for Python. While I'm trying most approaches that I've found online, they've failed to close the connection or stop the stream. Is there any way to do so?

Inside my function

 setTerms = s.split(',')
 streaming_api = tweepy.Stream(auth=auth, listener=StreamListener(), timeout=60 )
    if (s == '0'):
        raise web.seeother('/dc')
        print "Failed to see this"
        twt = streaming_api.filter(track=setTerms)
        #also cannot see this
    raise web.seeother('/stream')

Here is the stream listener class

class StreamListener(tweepy.StreamListener):
        def on_status(self, status):
                printer(status.text, status.created_at)
            except Exception, e:
        def on_error(self, status_code): 
            print >> sys.stderr, 'Encountered error with status code:', status_code
            return True
        def on_timeout(self): 
            print >> sys.stderr, 'Timeout...'
            return True 
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The first time you call stream.disconnect() (inside if (s == '0'):), you haven't called filter yet, so the stream will never be connected. The rest of your code should be correct, assuming you're using the latest version of tweepy. Note that the except block will almost never be called, as any errors that occur while the stream is running are passed to the on_error callback.

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