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Using MVIM on GUI I get the syntax on the right. Using mvim -v\ or vim on the console, I get no syntax at all, but after a :syntax on if becomes the image on the left, which is still not the coloring I'm used to. What's going on?

enter image description here enter image description here

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Graphical vim can use other configuration file (~/.gvimrc vs ~/.vimrc), and due to that vim after star differs from mvim. Regarding the differences in colours, consoles aren't able to use full RGB which are available for graphical interfaces, so your colour scheme is somehow 'approximated'.

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The color scheme is defined by :colorscheme [scheme]. If you run without the argument, you can check which is in use by running it without the argument.

Two files are normally used to customize vim. You should check then to see where colorscheme is being set.

  • General vim (GUI and CLI) customization goes on .vimrc.
  • GUI-only customization goes on .gvimrc.

Scripts can also be overwriting the options in these files. You could use :scriptnames to check which ones are currently in use, to help you find what's going on.

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