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I have a .travis.yml file like this

language: ruby
  - 1.8.7
  - 1.9.2
  - 1.9.3
  - gemfiles/rails23.gemfile
  - gemfiles/rails30.gemfile
  - gemfiles/rails32.gemfile
  - gemfiles/rails3x.gemfile

For the gemfiles/rails23.gemfile I would like to use a specific version of rubygems (in this case one that is prior to 2.0.0). How can I specify that?

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What you're trying to accomplish it's not possible as stated by this Closed Issue. I quote:

"We use rubygems version that RVM provides and there are no plans to change that."

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Too sad that Travis-ci choose the rubygems thap RVM provides and not the one that is bundled with ruby. –  Jarl Apr 4 '13 at 21:04

It is possible to downgrade the rubygems version, just add the following to your .travis.yml

  - gem update --system 2.0.0 
  - gem --version
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