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I'm using spring-mybatis and I have configured many components and mappers. My services are working without any problems but i want to know if is it possible to generate tables from spring component (using annotations @Component) or if I have to Create tables manually so I can execute my mappers methods ?

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I've used the following method to do this, but maybe it's a bit hacky.

Create your mapper as normal, but add another interface method to create the table:

@Insert("create table if not exists students (name integer)")
public void createTable();

Then, in your service class, create a method with the @PostContructannotation so that it gets called at startup:

private StudentDao studentMapper;

private void setup() {
    // setup stuff goes here.
    // include any other mappers you have...

I tried annotating the createTable() method with @PostConstructbut it wasn't executed. Probably because it is an interface.

Hope that helps Owen

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