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So the question is : How can you do that ? I want to change the draggable attribute to "false" so the element that was previously draggable will lose this property.

I will give you a div so you will have something to start with :

     <div id="div1"  draggable="true" ondragstart="drag(event) "onDblClick="edit('div1')">
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document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('draggable', false);


var elem = document.getElementById('div1');
elem.setAttribute('draggable', false);

If you want the attribute totally gone use;

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Yes! Thank you sir! Really useful! – Tbi45 Apr 4 '13 at 9:00

There is many ways, if you use jQuery:

    $('#div1').attr('dragabble'); //returns with the value of attribute
    $('#div1').attr('dragabble','false'); //sets the attribute to false

Native JS:

    document.getElementById('div1').getAttribute('draggable'); //returns the value of attr
    document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('draggable', 'false'); //set the value of attr
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You might want to use jquery-ui draggable component to acheive ur required functionality.. or if u have jquery library in ur Dev environment u can use the following code


or using javascript we can do it as follows

document.getElementById('div1').setAttribute('draggable', 'false');

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