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I've been playing around with node and websockets and built a small test app that streams audio using websockets. The server breaks apart the mp3 using createReadStream, throttles the stream using node-throttle and sens the binary data using the "ws" module. On the client side I pick up the chunks on the websocket and use decodeAudioData (http://www.html5rocks.com/en/tutorials/webaudio/intro/) to decode and play the chunk. It all works relatively ok.

What I was curious to do next was to stream video in the same manner to the HTML5 video tag. But I can't really find any reference material on the web to achieve this in the same manner as my audio test above.

Is there a video equivalent for "decodeAudioData"?

Can I feed chunks of data into a video tag?

I've got a similar sample running that I picked up from...


But this isn't really what I am looking for. First of all it doesn't really seem to be streaming to me. The client buffers it all before playing it. Also, similar to my audio test I want the stream to be throttled on the server side so that when a new client connects they join the video at whatever point it is currently at. i.e. 30 minutes in or whatever.


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I found a solution to this after much searching.

The MediaSource API is what I was looking for...

var mediaSource = new MediaSource();
var sourceBuffer = mediaSource.addSourceBuffer('video/webm; codecs="vorbis,vp8"');
sourceBuffer.append(new Uint8Array(data));

This link provided the solution...


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